Diamond Shapes

When you think about purchasing a diamond, the first thing that comes to your mind probably is its shape and size. Diamond’s shape plays a major role when one  considers buying a diamond. The Shape of a diamond refers to the geometrical outline of a diamond. There are various diamond shapes available in the market to match every individual’s distinct taste and style. Each stone has a different light reflection based on its shape and cut, with its own fire and brilliance. 

Diamond shapes can be divided into two types they are., 

  •       Round-shape diamonds 
  •       Fancy shape diamonds 

Below is a brief descrption on all diamond shape :

You may have heard that round-shape diamonds are more expensive and popular when compared to other fancy shapes. Yes, it is true because of its brilliant light reflection and clarity, round shape diamonds command premium pricing at all sizes. Recent studies show that 75% of diamonds sold in the market are round diamonds.
The princess diamonds are the second most popular stones demanding attention with its extravagant glitter. The princess cut diamond looks like an upside-down pyramid (square in the top features, four beveled sides comes in at a sharp point). The clean-cut keeps the ring sleek, contemporary with a traditional touch.
The heart shape diamond is a romantic choice among all shapes as it evokes feeling of love and romance. The heart usually comprises of 56 and 58 facets although the number of the main pavilion facets may vary between 6,7,8. Heart shape diamonds may differ slightly in appearance depending on their make and structure
Oval-cut diamonds are the popular choice for East-West settings with similar brilliance of round diamonds. This diamond has the illusion of a lengthening effect on the fingers because of its elongated shape. These diamonds are a greater choice for the buyer who wants something more unique but likes the look of a round diamond.
These diamonds have a ravishing teardrop form; It is a clear-cut blend of Marquise, and round shape with a tapered point on one end makes them unique and beautiful. These diamonds not only has a larger face-up than round shape but also 10-30% less expensive. These diamond comes in a variety of thin to wide cuts and makes to look the finger appear longer and slimmer
The length of the Marquise-cut diamonds is long and narrow, which is flattering to the fingers. The shape can maximize carat weight giving the illusion of a bigger look. The crown surface of these diamonds is one of the largest among any diamonds. Similar to oval diamonds, marquise-cut diamonds elongated shape can make the finger appear sleek and longer.
These diamonds emit a different kind of sparkle because of its unique step cuts (emerald cut) of its pavilion. Customer who doesn’t want a diamond with its usual brilliance and fire can choose emerald-cut diamond. This diamond reflects beautiful subtle light with the interplay of dark and light planes, which is called as “hall of mirrors” the shape was originally used for the cutting of emerald, hence the name. Emerald-cut diamonds are known for their elegant look with its dramatic flashes and long thin lines.
The radiant shape diamond is also referred to as square of rectangular modified brilliant cut diamond. The radiant shape is a very unique and hybrid cut and is composed to 70 facets and trimmed edges. Due to its extra facets, the radiant shape can disperse more light and makes it one of the most brilliant of all square shape diamonds
The cushion-cut diamonds are also known as pillow diamonds because of its geometrical structure. These stones are available in either square or rectangular shape with rounded edges, making it look like a pillow. These cushion cut diamonds are known for their vintage look and brilliant fire due to its precise bending and dispersion of light.
These diamonds are more similar to emerald cut with a large crown, high step facets, and a smaller table. However, the combination of steep facets enhances the reflection of fire than the emerald cut. In 1902 it was first created by Asscher Brothers of Holland as a developed version of an emerald cut. Asscher cut diamonds are famous for its antique look. The Asscher-cut diamonds look somewhat octagonal shape because of its square shape and pointed cutlets.

Why Round brilliant cut Diamonds are popular?

In 1911, “Diamond Design“, published by Marcel Tolkowsky: “A study of the reflection and refraction of light in Diamonds”, explained the perfect angles of a diamond to reflect the highest fire and brilliance. His study made a consistent surge in the round brilliant cut diamond market till today.


Why Round brilliant cut Diamonds are expensive?

When a rough raw stone is cut, wastage of the material is high in round diamonds when compared to the other fancy shape diamonds.The yield is relatively low when compared to the market demand, where recent studies show that the two-third of the population prefers to buy a brilliant round cut diamond. Even-though, the most iconic round brilliant cut diamonds won’t have the largest face-up area compared to other fancy shaped diamonds, its intense sparkle makes the diamond appear bigger. 

However that said, fancy cut diamonds are also desired because of their unique shape and cut.

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