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Valentine Day - History and Origin

Valentine Day is a very special day to express your love for each other

There is hardly anybody who has not heard of Valentine’s Day. But, how many of them know how and when it started remains a matter of intrigue. 

Various lores have crossed generations giving a vague idea about the reason for celebrating it. Yes, it is well-known as the celebration of love, emotions, and commitment, most easily put. It is no less than an auspicious occasion when people soaked in the feeling of love express their intention to take the relationship to a serious note. They make the moment more memorable by presenting promise rings, love-filled messages, and take time out to be with each other. 

But, was it always the same, or is there a lot more to the fact that it is almost a tradition for lovers? Let’s try to learn from its origin and history behind the day.

Origin of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day celebrated in memory of St Valentine, a Catholic Priest. He was a priest during the rule of Roman Emperor Claudius who himself was a pegan. He maintained that all Romans should be devout servers of the country and did not allow soldiers to marry. St. Valentine organized secret wedding ceremonies for soldiers. Later, he was killed by Claudius as punishment for these secret weddings which he considered no less than a revolt against his words. Many legends indicate that the day St Valentine was executed was 14th February, the day the modern world celebrates Valentine’s Day.

When and how Valentine’s Day was first celebrated?

St Valentine’s execution date was 14th February, 270. There are lots of emotional stories that surround this event. All lores collectively affirm that he was imprisoned inside the castle. During his jail term, he continued to shower love and care on all people inside the castle, including the jailor’s blind daughter. It is believed that with his mystic powers and unconditional love, he cured her completely. When the last day of his life came, he wrote a letter to her declaring his love and signed it off as ‘from your Valentine’. 

This story is believed to base the ritual of writing love letters which still is a popular way of expressing love, as part of secret courtship. With the change of times, the lovers have become more creative in their way of wooing their partners. 

Officially, the day got the stature of a traditional feast day for Catholic Saints around the year 470 and from then, Valentine’s Day became the day of celebration of love. 

There is a mention of this day and St. Valentine in the poem ‘The Parliament of Fowls’ that the poet Chaucer wrote in the 14th century. His poem has a line that says that birds gathered on the seynt valentyns day to find their mate for that year. This line is believed to have initiated the tradition where prospective lovers on the Valentine’s day meet, and try to woo by singing poems or writing love letters to each other. 

The very first person to have got inspired by this poem to write a letter was Margery Brews, a woman who wrote a letter to her cousin John Paston to disclose her feelings. It is the first letter of its kind believed to have written as an expression of love.

In the middle ages that coincided with the popularity of Chaucer and his poem, Valentine’s day continued to spread around Rome and made its presence felt in European countries. 

Various stories talk about the High Court of Love where the judges heard the so-called ‘love cases’ and tried to rekindle the long lost love in couples who had differences, or they became a middle agent in bringing two lovers together.

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Symbols of Valentine’s Day

Though very little is known about the start of various traditions that mark contemporary Valentine’s Day, but these have become classic and cute expressions of feelings. 

For instance, heart-shaped pendants or heart rings have become the most sentimental gifts to present to be loved as a token of engagement. The lovers present each other with red rose to express deep love for one another. 

With modern ways of expression that are considered thoughtful too, the tradition of presenting baskets made of homemade goodies and gifts called Valentine’s baskets has also caught the momentum. 

Love letters have taken the form of Valentine’s cards which have thoughtful messages, or sentimental cues to give an indication of the feelings to the partner. 

Mostly, shy women buy gifts and prepare homemade hearts, to tell the guy to be their Valentine. Similarly, guys requite the move made by females by buying them promise rings, love bracelets, beautiful heart pendant chains to make their partners feel special.

Though they say love is an ageless emotion and does not need a ‘Valentine’s Day’ to express it, the day is special because it gives an opportunity to make loved ones feel loved, and desired. Shower your love this Valentine with romantic heart rings, or heart and arrow bracelets, and other thoughtful gifts, and let there be beautiful emotions all around you!

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Valentine Day in Thailand

In Thailand, Valentine Day is a very special day for couples and many take this as a day to take their vows and formalize their relationship. Couples flock to the registrar since early morning to make sure they can register their marriage before the day ends.

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